Will your home ever be able to be checked by Google? Or even by Apple or Amazon ?

Since the launch of Amazon Echo, everyone wants their home assistant: Google with Home, Apple with HomePod or Microsoft with Invoke and soon Facebook and Samsung. We can already ask him a few things like turning on the light or playing music, but we still look for a real interest in them.

But do these connected speakers have a real future?

In the short term I would say yes, they allow the general public to get used to them and to adopt some reflexes. For the moment, it’s more something that answers questions, sends a message or allows you to set a timer for pasta than something that controls your house, but we’re heading there. To make this happen, we’re going to have to make the houses fully connected. From your fridge to your shutters to light and sound. All this already exists, but it’s not yet in your home for several reasons: It’s expensive, it has no real use yet and it’s not yet well integrated.

Here we will focus on the type of product and not on a specific brand.

Are you interested in the future to ask questions to a can on the living room table? Ask it to launch a playlist? Broadcast a movie? Make you a coffee? Personally, in the short term through the voice yes, but in the long term I see something more discreet. Not connected glasses because otherwise it has no more interest , but something else.

I agree on having an artificial intelligence at home and that it can control everything (we could start the debate on the respect of privacy, which has become very important with the Snowden case, but that’s not the subject.). I think we have to see these connected speakers as prototypes, a beta version of home control, and for one simple reason: Apart from Samsung for home appliances, these companies are not enough at home. Having to be next to the speaker because they can’t hear you isn’t really the point. For sure they will be there in research and development, but not in distribution.

On the other hand, I’m sure that there is a brand that is present in 95% of the houses: IKEA.

I have IKEA furniture, I have an IKEA carpet, I have an IKEA desk … I’m sure you’re sitting on IKEA right now.

IKEA knows your house better than you do, and above all they know the house of tomorrow. So who else but them to invest in home automation. And they’re not stupid, they know that if they have to take a turn it’s now. They have already released connected light bulbs, desk lamps with integrated wireless charge and are collaborating with Apple to create an augmented reality shopping application.

You put microphones in your couch, your coffee table, your desk, that’s when it becomes interesting (and creepy). You don’t buy a connected object, and your home is. IKEA won’t sell you a product, but an experience, furniture that communicates with each other, an eco-system in your home. You just have to find a solution for the food. I do have a solution, but it’s going to scare the freaks off the airwaves, so I’m going to stop there.

IKEA has opened a section in their company dedicated to the questioning of artificial intelligence.

And why won’t IKEA become tomorrow’s Google or Apple?

Today’s new technologies are the ones you don’t see. Steve Jobs