Case Study

To study path finding and the multi-threading problem, we will take the case of an autonomous rover that has to go from point A to point B with several obstacles on its path that it cannot cross. The following image represents the region on which the rover must evolve. It must go from point A (top left), to point B (bottom right). To visualize the places where the rover can or cannot pass, we have divided the map in 900 zones, and we have indicated to the rover if it can pass or not (image on the right).


Since the launch of Amazon Echo, everyone wants their home assistant: Google with Home, Apple with HomePod or Microsoft with Invoke and soon Facebook and Samsung. We can already ask him a few things like turning on the light or playing music, but we still look for a real interest in them.

But do these connected speakers have a real future?

In the short term I would say yes, they allow the general public to get used to them and to adopt some reflexes. For the moment, it’s more something that answers questions, sends a message or allows you to…

What is a programming paradigm?

Programming paradigms are a way of classifying different programming languages based on their characteristics. (Some paradigms mainly take into account the execution models of the language, such as the authorization of side effects for example). Others are more oriented on the way the code is organized or on the syntax used to code. There are a very large number of different paradigms, but the two best known are declarative programming and imperative programming. Some languages support only one paradigm, such as Haskell for functional programming. On the other hand, others may support more than one, such as Python or C++


In 2015, a one-way war broke out in France against VTC taxis (from French, Passenger Vehicles with Driver). They are invaders by the name of Uber, Lyft, Private Driver or Le Cab. At the origin of this anger is the development of the VTC and the unfair competition it represents according to taxis.

At the time the subject was different, they were mainly protesting against Uber POP, a service that connects customers with private individuals, which has since been banned. …


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